Objectives of the Association as follows:
1. To build sustain traditional Shirdi Sai temple in Melbourne and facilitate worship services similar to Shirdi. Principal idol of Shirdi Sai to be housed. Temporary/Permanent place of worship/temple run by the Association shall be known as “AUMSAI SANSTHAN AUSTRALIA”.
2. To build Meditation hall to promote spiritual, yoga and meditation and Educational activities of Association.
3. To support religious, cultural, educational and charitable organizations in Australia.
4. To follow principle of Sathya( Truth), Dhrama, Shanti(Peace), Prema(Love) and Ahimsa( Non-Violence) at all times.
5. To encourage devotees practice of their respective religions by understanding the true spirit of their religion.
6. To promote universal brotherhood.
7. To facilitate freedom of worship of Sai to everyone in any form or way.
8. To print and publish any newsletters, books, periodicals and leaflets that the association may consider desirable for the promotion of Association objectives.
9. To plant tree for every new life member on their approval of membership.
10. The funds of the Association shall be derived in a manner not inconsistent with the objectives of the Association by the committee in form of donations, subscriptions and other sources.
11. To invest funds in an appropriate manner beneficial to the Association;
12. The Association shall be non-profit organization and all profits and all other incomes shall be utilized for the promotion of Association and members of the past or present shall not be paid or to be distributed among.
13. To promote positive-ness towards Life activities like Meditation, Yoga, Bhajan classes will be conducted at weekends.
14. To conduct Educational classes for the kids’ age group 6 to 15 to develop the good character and human values to serve the community.
15. To conduct the educational classes for the various age kids group to develop the good character and human values to serve the community.
16. To conduct charitable activities and offer ANNADAANA (feeding) to the needy and destitute.
17. To reduce greenhouse gas emissions, renewable methods will be supported/ implemented in every possible operational aspects of the association.
18. To establish Trust(s) or fund(s) of charitable or non-charitable nature for the furtherance of any or all of the above objectives of the Association. The Management Trust/ Trustee Board of the Association shall be known as “AUMSAI SANSTHAN TRUST”.